THe journy of

Chelaine Mcinroy

her story

In 2016, Chelaine McInroy was diagnosed with osteomyelitis, an infection in the bone, and sepsis, a life-threatening infection of the blood. If left untreated, it can quickly cause multiple organ failure and death. It became a choice of life or limb. So, Chelaine underwent a below-knee amputation on her left leg to hopefully stop the infection. It was a life-changing surgery requiring costly prosthetics and therapy. The Armstrong community rallied and raised enough money to purchase an athletic-style prosthetic for her. Chelaine has spent the past six years battling reoccurring infections and underwent numerous surgeries: only to find out this March 2022 that the infection had remained unnoticed and dormant, until now. Once again, it was life or limb, and now she required an above-knee amputation. Another life-changing event met with her unwavering positive attitude and persistent fortitude. She now requires adaptations to her home-a wheelchair ramp and modified bathroom, as well as brand new prosthetics to accommodate her new level of amputation. This will allow Chelaine to recover and eventually return to the active life she loves to live. She will be able to walk, run, dance, and ride again, now without a knee. She is determined to make it through this and come out stronger than before. She will attend the GF Strong Rehabilitation Center in Vancouver for the next few months with the best team of doctors, physiotherapists, and rehab specialists in British Columbia.

How you can support.

To set a goal of fundraising close to $100,000, we are arranging a Benefit Concert on Saturday, June 25th, 2022 entitled Life, Limb, & Lyrics. It will be put on by the community in the Hassen Arena at the Armstrong Fairgrounds. We will have local bands, a silent auction & raffle, food services, and a beer garden. There will also be multiple lead-up activities with numerous ways to get involved! We are looking for volunteers to help put on this successful event, donations for the silent auction & raffle items, business, and personal sponsorships at various levels; and engaged community partners to help celebrate this remarkable woman on her path to recovery. Anything you can do to help us achieve our goal will be recognized, promoted, and valued. We thank you for your time. All inquiries to be directed to: Steve Smith and Laura McInroy Coordinators (250) 814-9804 (250) 558-9225 All donations are put in trust at Valley First Credit Union, Armstrong, BC. Etransfers can be made to

“My dream is to bring home a gold medal for Canada at the Paralympic Games.”